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Godrej NX Pro Bio (25L) Ebony Home Locker

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Discover the NX Pro Biometric Home Lockers – your ultimate personalized security solution. Utilizing cutting-edge fingerprint technology, it offers access to your valuables like never before. Store up to 30 unique fingerprints and share access with your loved ones. With its strong, hi-tech design, rest assured that your belongings are safe from potential thieves. Upgrade to NX Pro and experience the future of secure storage.

 Key Feature :

  • 10 times stronger than a wooden wardrobe, providing enhanced durability and security.
  • Easily lock and unlock using 30 registered fingerprints, ensuring quick and effortless access.
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint verification guarantees authentic entry to your belongings.
  • In the event of a low battery lock-out, access the keypad using a power bank for added convenience.
  • Equipped with a USB & Override Key, granting emergency access should the need arise.
  • Enable a master password option for an additional layer of access control.
  • Stay informed with the low battery indicator, ensuring you never run out of power unexpectedly.

 Technical Specifications :

  • Fingerprint Capacity: Store up to 30 fingerprints, allowing your loved ones easy access by scanning their fingerprint on the locker.
  • Biometric Lock: Unlock with your unique and intricate fingerprint, ensuring a convenient and secure way to access your belongings.
  • Installation Options: Choose between wall grouting or floor anchoring for added security and convenience.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Panel displays BA-LO when batteries are weak, indicating the need for replacement.
  • Motorised Locking Mechanism: A fool-proof safety feature that surpasses solenoid-based locking systems.
  • Multi-Bend Construction: Fully welded single metal multi-bend construction for superior strength and security.
  • Non-Volatile Memory: Passcodes and fingerprints retained even after battery changes.
  • Override Key: Each locker includes an override key for manual access during emergencies such as drained batteries or forgotten passwords.
  • Pro Strength: Walls 10X stronger than wooden cupboards, providing top-notch security for your valuables.

 Product Specification :

Capacity: 25 L
Dimensions: 200mm x 420mm x 370mm
Weight: 10 kg
Strength: Pro Strength
Fire Resistance: Non-Fire Resistant
Intelligence: Basic
Lock Type: Biometric

 Warranty and Support :

Warranty: 1 Year
Installation & Demo: Installation and Demo visit is chargeable.


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