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LaserJet Printers

Buy laser printers for home, if your kids need to print school projects. Fix the machine close to your home PC and allow your kids to print their projects. Buy LaserJet printer online that can print both pictures and images with amazing clarity. Consider factors like guarantee while choosing a printer for home use.

The best LaserJet printers should meet all your work-related printing needs. Assign priority to the features like wireless printing, paper handling, print speed, and monthly volume while choosing a printing machine for your office. Since most businesses rely on LaserJet printers, you can also equip your workstation with a printing machine.

Explore LaserJet printer for sale to find the bestselling printing machines and choose one that you find most suitable for your work environments like home and office. Laser printing machines are more suitable because of their higher monthly volume at a lower maintenance cost.
Pantum P2200 comes compact and convenient in size with a printing speed of 20ppm(A4)/21ppm(Letter).
9,490.00 7,800.00

PANTUM presents PANTUM P2210 is a Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer with printing speed up to 20ppm(A4)/21ppm(Letter). This printer comes with a 700-cartridge.

PANTUM presents P2518 Laser Printer with wifi and mobile printing for instant results anywhere home or office. This Printer will accelerate your printing, easy to install, keep your budget in check.

Pantum presents P2518 Monochrome Laser Printer with printing speed of 22ppm(A4)/23ppm(Letter) and sleek design and compact. This printer dosent take space so it can fit anywhere in workplace.

Buy LaserJet Printers Online

LaserJet printers are preferred in most workplaces due to their suitability. These printing machines are extremely fast and quiet. If you’re looking for a high-performance printer that can save and give a better output without increasing the maintenance cost then look no further than a LaserJet machine. Visit POS Central India to find the bestselling printers and choose one that can accommodate all your needs.

Reduce Your Maintenance Cost

Buy LaserJet printers online in India from POS Central India at a reduced price and take advantage of the latest printing technology. A LaserJet machine is slightly more expensive than an Inkjet printer but the former proves to be more cost-effective in the long run. Toner cartridges used in laser printing cost more than Inkjet cartridges, but they last longer both when in use and when not. But the same can’t be said about Inkjet cartridges.

Print More at Lesser Cost

Visit POS Central India to buy laser printers online that allow the printing of more pages at a lesser cost. According to an estimate, laser printing costs up to 50% less than Inkjet printing. You can save a significant amount per page and cost savings can be used for whatever little maintenance is needed for the printing machine. With printing costs, you will also save paper. Each piece of printing paper will be consumed and used.

Buy Reliable LaserJet Printers

A reason for the high popularity of LaserJet printers for sale is their reliability. It is surprising to know but true that these machines are less prone to wear and tear even when used regularly. The toners last much longer even when left unused. There are fewer movable parts that could require frequent repair or replacement. If taken care of, your laser printer machine could last for years to come.


Q: How Long Does A Toner Cartridge Last?
A: It depends on factors like the type of documents printed, the printing environment, and the quality of the toner cartridge (OEM or recycled). Usually, toner cartridges for LaserJet printers last up to 40,000 pages.
Q: What Are The Most Common Problems With LaserJet Printers?
A: Paper jams due to worn-out pickup rollers and fusing assembly damage are some of the common problems with LaserJet Printers.
Q: Do LaserJet Printers Require Expensive Repair?
A: No, these repair works are easy to carry out and inexpensive as well. But you won’t have to worry about any faults if you buy laser printers online from POS Central India as the site will provide technical assistance.
Q: How Often Should LaserJet Printers Be Cleaned?
A: Again depending on factors like printing environment, print volume, quality of toner cartridges used, and general printer conditions, LaserJet printers are once a year or 100,000+ pages whichever is earlier.
Q: What Is The Return Policy Of POS Central India?
A: Wrong or faulty products can be returned within a stipulated time. You can even return a packed product if you have changed your mind about buying that product.


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