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TSC TTP-345 300 DPI Thermal Transfer Label Printer

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TSC TTP-345 300 DPI Thermal Transfer Label Printer

TSC TTP-345 label printer is ideal for 2-D barcodes, to create a self adhesive labels in 300 dpi. TTP-345 offers a user friendly clamshell design, 5 inches per second printing speed, sensors.

TSC TTP 345 thermal transfer label printer is the right investment if you are looking for a printing machine for your point-of-sale. It prints at a speed of 5 inches per second and maintains immaculate print quality. It can keep printing for a long time as it allows quick replacement of changing the ribbon.

Design and size

It is a small printing machine weighing 2.8 kg that makes it easy for users to change its position according to their convenience. This TTP 345 thermal label printer is the right machine for printing labels and barcodes at your point-of-sale. Also, it’s robust built-up will keep it free from scratches and damage marks.


TSC TTP-345 300 DPI, if you are looking for a high-end printing machine. It is the right machine for your business needs. High-end technology helps in two ways. First, it removes the need for training, and second, it keeps users free from frequent maintenance and repair works.

Features and functionality

TSC TTP 345 is the right printing machine as it packs all essential features and functions. You won’t have any hassle in operating and maintaining the machine. And you will get high-quality work from the machine. It comes with high memory and allows remote printing with Bluetooth.

Price details

TSC TTP 345 is cost-effective in price and it promises more benefits in return. You will save money on printing and energy bills as it consumes lesser energy than others. It is the right investment as it provides high-technology, advanced features, and affordable price.

Features :

  • Printing speed up to 5 inches per sec
  • 4 MB Flash memory
  • cutter module
  • Label gap sensor & full-range adjustable
  • Bluetooth module
  • High operating comfort and quick material changes
  • black mark sensor
  • 8.4 inches Label capacity
  • plug-n-play ease
  • Optional peel-off module
  • stand-alone keyboard and scanner


Specifications :

Resolution : 12 dots/mm (300 DPI)

Max. print speed : 127 mm (5")/second

Max. print width : 106 mm (4.17")

Max. print length : 1,016 mm (40")

Processor : 32-bit RISC CPU

Physical dimension : 213 mm (W) x 188 mm (H) x 314 mm (D)

Weight : 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs)


Brochure (TTP-345.pdf, 578 Kb) [Download]