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Godrej NX Pro Digital (25L) Ivory Home Locker

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Step into the digital age of security with Godrej NX Pro Digi Home Lockers, catering to both home and business needs. Experience the ultimate protection for your valuables with its unique 4 to 6-digit password via the digi lock. Benefit from the non-volatile memory that preserves the password even during battery changes. Rest easy knowing the locker auto-freezes after four consecutive incorrect attempts, fortifying your belongings against unauthorized access. Trust in the advanced security features for unparalleled peace of mind in the digital world.

Key Feature :

  • 10 times stronger than a wooden wardrobe, providing superior durability.
  • Unlock with a secure 3–6-digit secret password for quick access.
  • Enabled with a master password for added security and convenience.
  • Keypad auto freezes after consecutive wrong password attempts, deterring unauthorized access.
  • Low battery indicator ensures you never run out of power unexpectedly.
  • Access the keypad using a power bank in case of a lock-out due to low battery.
  • Equipped with a USB & Override Key for emergency access during lock-out situations.
  • Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure when the battery is low, safeguarding your settings and data.


Technical Specifications :

  • Auto Freeze: Keypad automatically locks after consecutive wrong password attempts.
  • Digital Lock: Our intelligent Home Lockers ensure maximum security, auto-freezing after four consecutive incorrect entries.
  • Indian Design no.: 319487-001.
  • Installation Options: Choose between wall grouting or floor anchoring for added security.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Panel displays BA-LO when batteries are weak, indicating the need for replacement.
  • Motorised Locking Mechanism: A fool-proof safety feature surpassing solenoid-based systems.
  • Multi-bend Construction: Fully welded single metal multi-bend construction offers superior strength and added security.
  • Non-Volatile Memory: Retains passcodes and fingerprints even after a battery change.
  • Override Key: Included in all lockers for manual unlocking during emergencies like drained batteries or forgotten passwords.
  • Pro Strength: Walls 10X stronger than wooden cupboards, scaring away potential intruders and ensuring safety for your valuables.
  • USB Power Backup: Connect a USB for external power supply in case of weak batteries or misplaced keys, granting easy access.

Product Specification :

Capacity:  25 L
Dimensions:  200mm X 420mm X 370mm
Weight:  10kg
Strength:  Pro Strength
Fire Resistance:  Non-Fire Resistant
Intelligence: Basic
Lock Type:  Digital 

Warranty and Support

Warranty :
1 Year

Installation & Demo:
Installation and Demo visit is chargeable


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