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Honeywell HH400 Handheld 2D Area-Imaging USB Scanner Kit

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Honeywell HH400 Handheld 2D Area-Imaging USB Scanner Kit 

Honeywell HH400 handheld scanner is a 2D area-imaging ergonomically designed scanner that offers outstanding performance at affordable prices. Honeywell HH400 is engineered with advanced engine and scanning–decoding technologyThis optimal gun-shaped scanner is ideal for sustained handheld scanning operations and it accurately reads 1D, 2D bar codes and even on mobile phone screens. It has a screen-reading feature that reads data electronic coupons and tickets.  


Features : 

  • Its ergonomic design provides comfort and operating efficiency. 
  • It comes with an economic and practical 2D bar code scanning function. 
  • It reduces the need for incurring additional maintenance cost as it has a shock absorption exterior design that ensures sustained working. 
  • It comes with advanced decoding software for 2D bar codes. 


Specifications : 

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 72.5mm×125mm×154mm  

Weight : 125.6g  

Input Voltage : 5 ± 0.5VDC  

Working Power : 2.0W, 400mA (Typical) @5VDC  

Standby Power : 0.55W, 110mA (Typical) @5VDC  

Interface : USB, RS232 

Minimum precision : 4mil 

Light source : White LED  

Scanner : Red LED, 617nm  

Drop : Designed to withstand 1m drop to concrete  

Light Levels : 0~70, 000LUX 

Indicator light : Flickering blue light = Decoding successful  

Scanning type : Image scanning  

Recognizable printing contrast : Minimum 35% contrast  

Corner, elevation, drift : ±180°,±60°,±70°  

Decoding capability : Decodes standard 1D and 2D bar codes; particularly powerful decoding capability for those in screens