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RETSOL PD-3000 2D Presentation Barcode Scanner USB Wired 1D 2D Omni Directional Image Reader for Screen and Printed Bar Code Scan Support Moving Objects.This scanner is an ergonomically designed 2D Barcode Scanner.Users can tilt the scanning head of the scanner within a 30-degree range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes.Retsol PD Tabletop scanner performs well even on damaged and poorly printed barcodes due to its warm tip element. There is a provision of both auto-sense and manual triggering processes.

Retsol PD 3000 is an ideal device for manufacturing, mobile payment, pharmacy and logistics supply management. It is preferred for faster scanning and higher precision. The device has three working modes, namely normal, mobile phone screen and fast-moving option.

Features :
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY - Just plug into a standard USB port and start your scan, no drivers required, no need battery; works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems.
  • LARGE SCANNING WINDOW - With this large scanning window, this scanner is your go to presentation barcode reader featuring a hands-free design and a small footprint.
  • 1D/2D Barcode Scanner: easily capture bar codes 1D, 2D on labels, paper, and mobile phone or computer displays in a sensitive and accurate manner.
  • HANDSFREE AND ADJUSTABLE HEAD: No need to grab the scanner, you can hold big goods by two hands. With 30 degree adjustable head, you can change the scanning angle easily.
  • LARGE SCANNING WINDOW: Read the barcodes faster, identify screen code, incomplete code and fuzzy code easily, effectively compensate for the problem that other scanner cannot.


Brand: Retsol
Model Name: PD-3000
Connectivity Type: Bluetooth Wireless
Dimensions: 150mm x 95mm x 98mm
Voltage: 5VDC
Current: 450mA(operating)
Interface: USB
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
Shock Specification: design to withstand 1.5m drops
Ambient Light immunity: 100.000 Lux


Brochure (Retsol_PD-3000.pdf, 3,020 Kb) [Download]