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Simmtronics 16GB DDR4 RAM 2400MHz for Desktop

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Simmtronics 16GB DDR4 RAM 2400 MHz for Desktop


Buy Simmtronics 16GB DDR4 RAM 2400MHz with the frequency of 2400MHz to run heavy programs easily and perform multitask at the same time. 16GB DDR4 2400MHz is designed in the latest technology and trends to increase the overall performance of your desktop. It uses less power for running and less power consumption results in minimum heat generation than the previous RAM of the same capacity. Less heat increases the overall durability of the RAM and PC.

Simmtronics 16GB DDR4 RAM 2400MHz is built with high-quality material to give a better lifespan. With better design and architecture, this RAM uses less energy than its predecessor and increases the speed of the system. This RAM is compatible with desktops.


Brand: ‎Simmtronics
Density: 16 GB
Interface: 288 Pin
Form Factor: standard 1.23″ height
Memory Type: DDR4
Speed: 2400 MHz
Operating temperature: 0°C to 85°C
Module type: SO-DIMM