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Tata Power EZ Home Wifi PIR Motion Sensor 10A Relay Switch

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The EZ Home Smart PIR Motion Sensor is a Smart Home Solution that operates your associated appliance based on motion detection within a 5-meter range. Whatever home appliance these points control, whether lights, fans, or plug points, you will be able to control them based on the presence of motion in the surrounding area.


* With the EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor, you don't have to turn on or off the required appliances individually; it detects the presence of a human within a 5-meter range using Passive Infrared technology and activates the associated appliances.
* With the help of the EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor, you can remotely schedule your home appliances. Simply install our EZ Home app on your smartphone.
* Multiple User Control: Use our EZ Home Apps share devices feature to share the Smart Appliance feature with your family members.
* On occupancy of motion within the range, turn on/off your home appliance. When people are within range, the sensor detects changes in the human body's infrared ray and activates the associated devices.


Product Name-Wifi PIR Motion Sensor 10A Relay Switch
Model No.: MS1-1011
Rated Voltage- 240V Ac
Max Connected Load- 1100W


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