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Zebra DS2208 Barcode Scanner capture data with unmatched abilities. Zebra DS2208 come with DataCapture DNA, the ability to decipher multiple codes at once. Corded DS2208 features instant decoding with PRZM Intelligent Imaging, ready to use out of the box, supports over 90 international keyboards, user indicators, customize settings with 123scan, easy to deploy, omni directional scanning, full shift battery power and wizard driven interface.

Zebra DS2208 barcode scanner is a popular choice for reading 2D barcodes. This general-purpose scanner is both rugged and reliable. Also, it can effortlessly handle a wide range of applications. Widely used in retail settings, it can read both 1D and 2D barcodes and even the poorly printed or the damaged barcodes.

Suitability to different lighting conditions

Whether you need a scanner that works in natural sunlight or one that is compatible with dim lighting conditions, you should buy Zebra 2d scanner as it works in all lighting conditions. And with PRZM Intelligent imaging, you will get excellent results. It will be a hassle-free operation that will provide speed and transparency to your sales process.

Built for heavy-duty uses

If you need a handheld barcode scanner that can work for long periods of time, then buy DS2208. Its long life and corded connectivity will come in handy in scanning multiple barcodes. Also, it can do a commendable job with Omni-directional scanning. With this scanner, you can scan hundreds and thousands of barcodes in a day. And it will keep working for months without requiring much maintenance.

Exceptional durability

Zebra DS2208 barcode scanner can work in less-than-ideal environmental conditions. For example, it can scan products kept in deep freezers. Also, it can work in outdoor conditions like rain, wind, and other elements. Another advantage of this scanner is that it can scan barcodes from long distances. It will provide the speed and transparency you need to boost your sales process. And you can buy it at a very affordable price.

Features :
  • Integration with Tablet-based POS
  • Customized settings
  • Auto-host detct cables
  • PRZM Intelligent imaging
  • Omni-directional scanning

Specifications :

Image Sensor : 640 x 480 pixels

Supported Host Interfaces : USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, TGCS (IBM) 46XX over RS485

Imager Field of View : 32.8° H x 24.8° V Nominal

Indicators : Direct Decode Indicator, Rear View LED, beeper, good decode LED

Light Source : Aiming Pattern: Linear 624nm Amber LED

Overall Dimensions (D x W x H) : 3.9 in. × 2.6 in. × 6.5 in.