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ZEBRA LI4278 Cordless Bluetooth 1D Barcode Scanner

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The LI4278 offers to scan faster and farther as it can capture virtually any 1D bar code. It provides cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility. It also offers better encryption for improved security and better overall wireless performance. Its superior battery power management delivers the largest number of scans per battery charge. It can survive a 6 foot/1.8 m drop. It is designed with iOS integration in mind, the LI4278 scanner can be put into iOS compatibility mode and offers an easy method to control the iOS virtual keyboard.
Capture virtually any existing barcode with the Zebra LI 4278 BT Barcode Scanner. Packaging the latest technology into a sleek and modern design, workers can now scan barcodes quickly and without hassle. From paper labels to electronic barcodes on mobile, laptop, and tablet screens, it can scan anything and at any angle. Workers don’t have to waste time on finding the right angle.

The Zebra LI 4278 BT can capture 100% UPC barcodes from a distance of 76 centimetres. It can also capture 200% UPC codes from a distance of 140 centimetres. Increase your business’ efficiency as with this scanner, workers will spend comparatively lesser time scanning barcodes.

The scanner is portable and requires occasional charging. It is wireless as it operates using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR technology allows for a higher level of security as it cannot be hacked. It is durable and can survive drops on concrete. The cradle that holds the scanner is lasts effectively for approximately a quarter million insertions.

Owing to advances in technology, the LI4278 barcode scanner can connect to all devices. A single desktop cradle can handle up to three scanners and seven scanners with a presentation cradle. This reduces capital expenditure and upkeep costs.

The LI4278 Handheld Scanner is one of the most advanced and smart scanners available in the market. Buy Zebra LI 4278 BT Barcode Scanner to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace today.  

Features :

  • It provides excellent 1-D scanning performance.
  • It Captures virtually all 1-D bar codes on all kind of surfaces.
  • It can read high-density codes and extended ranges for greater application flexibility.
  • It works with LS4278 cradles, providing a very cost-effective upgrade path.
  • Withstands 100+ consecutive drops to concrete.


Specifications :

Scan Pattern : Single bright aiming Line

Scan Speed : 547 scans per sec

Light Source : LED Class 1 device 617nm (amber)

Scan Angle : Horizontal 35°

Motion Tolerance : 25 in/63.5 cm per sec

Minimum Print Contrast : 15% MRD

Scans per Charge : up to 57000

Hours of Operation : Per full charge: 72 hours

Drop Specification : Over 100 drops at 5 ft./1.5 m at room temperature;

                                 survives 6ft./1.8 m drops to concrete