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Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner is designed for continuous usage and reduce downtime and repair costs. Zebra LS2208 well proven ergonomic, compact, high performance, durable , future-Proof construction, plug and play, user friendly device.

Zebra Symbol LS2208 laser barcode scanner is the bestselling handheld 1D barcode scanner in the market. Its unique ergonomic design, high compatibility, fast scanning power, and low maintenance needs make it the best option for all POS counters. Designed to work in every environment, this scanner can add convenience to POS operations. Also, its single connectivity feature makes it a plug-and-play machine ready to work on your command. It will scan barcodes no matter how distant or how small they are.

Ergonomic design

LS2208 handheld bar code scanner allows a firm grip that makes it more convenient for the user to move the machine for quick scanning. You can scan 1D barcodes of multiple products lined on your POS with the help of its ergonomic design. Its 20-61019-02R Stand will keep it at a convenient height to increase its accessibility.

High compatibility

Zebra LS2208 barcode scanner is highly compatible with all POS machines hence good for every retail store. You simply need to connect the scanner with your POS machine and start working without worrying about compatibility issues.

Fast scanning

Retailers buy Zebra 1D scanner to get the fast scanning power that this machine gives with the latest laser technology that can scan 1D barcodes with lightning speed and it will be one-time scanning.

Low maintenance

Zebra has a reputation for making maintenance-free devices. Also, it has client support in every corner of the world. If you buy LS2208, you will get a durable scanner with a user-friendly design and reliable technology.

Features :

  • LS2208-7AZU0100ZY Scanner
  • CBA-U01-S07ZAR USB Cable
  • 20-61019-02R Stand


Brand : Zebra Enterprise
Model name : LS2208
Colour : Black
Form Factor : Handheld
Input Voltage Range : 4.5 to 5.5 VDC host powered; 4.5 to 5.5 VDC external power supply
Operating Current at Nominal Voltage (5.0V) : 175 mA (typical)
Standby Current (idle) at Nominal Voltage (5.0V) : 90 mA (typical)
Color : Cash Register White, Twilight Black
Supported Host Interfaces : USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, TGCS (IBM) 46XX over RS485
Keyboard Support : Supports over 90 international keyboards
User Indicators : Direct decode indicator, good decode LEDs, beeper (adjustable tone/volume)
Scan Pattern : Single line
Scan Speed : 100 scans per second
Scan Angle : 35°
Minimum Print Contrast : 20% minimum reflective difference
Skew Tolerance : ± 10°
Pitch Tolerance : ± 65°
Roll Tolerance : ± 60°
Operating Temperature : 32° to 122° F/0° to 50° C
Humidity : 5% - 95% RH, non-condensing
Environmental Sealing : IP30
Dimensions : 6.0 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3.3 in. D 15.2 cm. H x 6.4 cm. W x 8.5 cm. D
Weight : 5.3 oz./150.0 g