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Cash Counting Machines

Our Cash Counting Machines are the perfect way to save time and resources while counting your money. Our machines offer fast, accurate counting with their high-speed technology and large-capacity hoppers, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes. With a robust design and easy-to-use interface, our cash counting machine make it easy to count large sums of money in a fraction of the time. Shop online today and get the best prices on cash counting machine in India!
TVS CC-232 Classic Cash Counting Machine comes with a big front-designed display and buttons. CC-232 Classic has a display range of 1 to 999.

TVS CC- 453 Star Cash Counting Machine

TVS presents TVS CC 453 Star Plus Cash Counting Machine as a perfect cash counting machine for heavy-duty operations.

Buy Cash Counting Machines Online

Simplify your day-to-day work with cash counting machines that can do more than simply count currency. They work fast, maintain hygiene, and keep the currency clean. The results achieved with these machines are always accurate. If you do cash transactions then you should get a machine from POS Central India which is a leading e-commerce site for these machines.

Maintain Hygiene While Counting Cash

Buy a currency counting machine for your business transactions and maintain hygiene while counting the cash amount. There is little need to touch currency notes with your hands when you have the option to count notes with a machine. It will be an easy operation with more than satisfactory results. Also, it will give you peace of mind in the long run. Visit POS Central India to buy a machine that fits into your work environment and allows hassle-free work.

Detect Counterfeit Notes

Buy a note counting machine from POS Central India for ease of detecting counterfeit notes. The machine will do the job while counting cash for your business. Simply put the currency on the counting tray of the machine and push the start button. The machine will calculate the number of notes and the total amount in a short time. Also, counterfeit notes will be detected with accuracy.
In addition to counting cash, the machine will detect color, size, and half notes. Also, it can recognize old and new currency so you can separate new notes from older ones in a convenient manner. Being one of the leading cash counting machine suppliers, POS Central India provides a machine for every need. Also, you can expect comprehensive after-sale services, including technical assistance.

Cash counting machines are devices that are designed to count banknotes accurately and efficiently. They are commonly used in banks, retail stores, and other businesses that handle large amounts of cash. Here are some of the main types of cash counting machines:

  1. Bill Counters: These machines count large quantities of banknotes quickly and accurately, and can be programmed to count specific denominations or batch counts. Some bill counters also have features such as fake note detection and batch counting.
  2. Coin Counters: These machines are specifically designed for counting coins and can quickly sort and count large quantities of coins. Some coin counters also have features such as batch counting and automatic shut-off.
  3. Currency Sorters: These machines not only count banknotes, but they can also sort them based on denomination. This makes it easier to organize and prepare cash for deposit or storage.
  4. Counterfeit Detectors: These machines are designed to detect fake or counterfeit banknotes, using ultraviolet (UV) or magnetic (MG) sensors. Some cash counting machines have built-in counterfeit detection, while others are standalone devices.

When choosing a cash counting machine, it is important to consider your specific needs, including the volume of cash you handle, the type of currency you need to count, and any additional features you may require, such as batch counting or counterfeit detection.


Q: How Do Cash Counting Machines Detect Counterfeit Notes?
A: Latest cash counting machines employ advanced counterfeit detection ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared radiation. These machines won’t allow any notes to go undetected.
Q: Is It Safe To Count Old Notes With A Note Counting Machine?
A: Yes, it is 100% safe to count older notes with a currency counting machine as the device won’t cause any physical damage to the old notes. I will handle each note with care.
Q: What Is The Speed Of Cash Counting Machines?
A: A note-counting machine can count up to 1200 notes/minute. And it will take little time to do the calculation. As soon as the notes are put in the tray, you will see the total amount calculated and the number of notes on the display.
Q: What Is The Maintenance Cost Of Cash Counting Machines?
A: The latest design currency counting machine doesn’t require much maintenance. It is a plug-and-play device that you can start using as soon as you bring it home.
Q: What Is The Return Policy Of POS Central India?
A: POS Central India allows the return of incorrect and faulty goods within a stipulated time. If you have changed your mind about a product but it is already delivered, you can return the product in packed condition within a set time.


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